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Mark Selden교수 초청 강연 자료

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Japanese and American War Atrocities, Historical Memory and Reconciliation: World WarⅡ today

일본과 미국의 전쟁잔혹행위, 역사적 기억과 화해: 오늘날의 2차 대전

마크 셀던은 1938년에 태어났다. 앰허스트 대학에서 미국연구를 전공하고, 예일 대학에서 중국 근대사로 박사학위를 받았다. 현재 코넬 대학교 동아시아 연구소의 선임연구원이며, 빙햄턴 대학에서 역사와 사회학을 가르치고 있다. 동북아시아에 대하여 주된 관심을 가지고 있으며, 1973년 김대중 납치 사건 때에는 일본의 진보적 지식인인 와다 하루키와 함께 국제적인 구명운동을 펼치기도 했다. 동아시아를 중점적으로 다루는 저널인 Asia-Pacific journal: Japan Focus를 운영하고 있다.

Mark Selden (b. 1938) is a Coordinator of the open access journal The Asia-Pacific Journal: Japan Focus, a Senior Research Associate in the East Asia Program at Cornell University, and Bartle Professor of History and Sociology at Binghamton University. He graduated from Amherst College with a major in American Studies and completed a Ph.D. at Yale University in modern Chinese history. He was a founding member of the Committee of Concerned Asian Scholars in the 1960s and for more than thirty years edited The Bulletin of Concerned Asian Scholars (later Critical Asian Studies). He is also the editor of book series at Rowman & Littlefield, Routledge, and M.E. Sharpe publishers.

Selden's works include:

《Chinese Society: Change, Conflict and Resistance》 co-edited with Elizabeth J. Perry, 2009 (3rd edition).

《China, East Asia and the Global Economy》 co-authored with Takeshi Hamashita and Linda Grove, 2008.

《Revolution, Resistance and Reform in Village China》 co-authored with Edward Friedman and Paul Pickowicz, 2007.

《War and State Terrorism: The United States, Japan, and the Asia-Pacific in the Long Twentieth Century》 co-authored with Alvin Y. So, 2003.

《The Resurgence of East Asia: 500, 150 and 50 Year Perspectives》 co-edited with Giovanni Arrighi and Takeshi Hamashita, 2003.

《Censoring History: Citizenship and Memory in Japan, China and the United States》 co-edited with Laura Hein, 2000. ISBN 978-0765604477

《The Atomic Bomb: Voices From Hiroshima and Nagasaki》 Co-edited with Kyoko Selden and Robert J. Lifton, 1997.

《China in Revolution: The Yenan Way Revisited》, 1995 (2nd edition)

《Chinese Village: Socialist State》 co-authored with Edward Friedman and Paul Pickowicz, 1993.

《The Yenan Way in Revolutionary China》, 1971.

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